Photography by Ed Puskas
Favorite Photography Related Links
The following are vendors I use and recommend. By using any of the links below you help fund this website, which is much appreciated!!

Great Photography Sites   (no particular order, just sites I visit a lot):

Robert Knight Photography 
An outstanding photographer. A purist, using only film, and no photoshop enhancements. Visit his gallery in Carmel, California if you are in the area. Amazing photos.

Joe McNally
Joe is a master of light. Love his books as well as his photos.

San Francisco Daily Photography
A great blog by Manuel Guerzoni focusing on daily candid shots of San Francisco.  

Galen Rowell
Galen was the master of both mountain climbing and wilderness photography.

Kip Evans
Kip is one of my favorite local photographers. If you ever are in Carmel, you should visit his gallery.

Ken Rockwell
I don't know Ken, but I'm on his site all the time. He is very opinionated and I've found his advice and tips to be the most valuable out there. He also seems to have every camera ever made (don't know how u do that Ken..). Great photographer and his reviews, tips and advice are the best I've seen.

Simon Bull
I ran across some of Simon's photos, on the Digital Photographer Magazine link below. They are amazing! Love his unique style, and the perfect attention to light and detail. Take a look if you have a chance, they are very stunning. Simon is located in Hathersage, Derbyshire.

Apogee Photo Magazine
The most popular Internet Photo Magazine. Great articles, contests and information in general.

Digital Photography Review
Best place to keep up on new releases of products as well as having many articles and forums. One of the most popular photography sites.

Digital Photographer Magazine
I love this site and the magazine. They feature on my photos in the newest issue coming out soon (issue 82). It's a U.K. site and the photos posted by users are some of the best I have seen. I have a few out there too, if you CLICK HERE.

National Photo Awards
A contest site. Competition is good. They charge a fee, but also pay $250 for the winner each month, and award ribbons etc. for category winners. Review the past winners, very good stuff. I have won quite a few of the category awards but never the first prize (yet).
This is a popular POTD (photo of the day) site. Nice group of people and easy to use interface. I have a profile of some winners if you CLICK HERE

I have had the best luck on photo printing, calendars and photo books using Photoworks. I build a quick photo book example on the BLOG page, which you can view by CLICKING HERE

Being an IT geek for well over 30 years, I love good software (and it is very rare..). LiveBooks is used for the photo display portion of my website, and these guys/gals are master programmers. Unique quick flash is used. They are pricey, but it's primarily a one time charge, and worth every penny. They allow you to co-design and tailor, then you have quite a bit of freedom to change on an ongoing basis yourself. Great quick customer service as well. If you do end up using I would appreciate you using my name as the person who referred you to them.